Construction Services Overview

QE is experienced with projects for Local, State and Federal Government agencies, as well as private, industrial and commercial work. We routinely perform work functions with combinations of specializations outside the expectations of standard contracting, including environmentally sensitive conditions.
Government Services
Residential Development

Within the long list of quality construction services QE is able to provide, are the following areas of specialization:

• Demolition
• Heavy Site Work
• Utilities
• Concrete
• Crane Services
• Sheeting & Piles
• Site Electrical
• Process Piping
• Roads & Bridges
• Parking Lots
• Buildings
• Special Use

Notable Qualifications
Highly Specialized Construction Experience – QE is fully experienced and qualified in highly specialized construction work. Many of our customers realize that “General Contractor” experience professed by most will not be adequate to provide the level of service required on their particular project. Only QE provides the necessary specialized construction experience that has been previously applied successfully to its numerous completed projects.

Professionals/Tradesman/Licenses – QE provides a highly competent and experienced staff that is able to provide all levels of project planning, design, management, support and administration. Only QE is able to provide the diverse range of construction skill sets, including on-staff personnel such as Engineers, Geologist and Environmental Professionals, as well as tradesmen, including Plumbers, Electricians, Mechanical, HVAC, and petroleum specialists.

Self-Performance – QE is uniquely qualified to self-perform significant portions of most construction projects. This notable qualification provides our customer with a General Contractor package that is far more capable of adapting project schedules, work tasks, personnel and/or equipment to accommodate the ever-changing environment of any construction project. QE does not function as a General Contractor “broker”, entities that are often susceptible to scheduling and availability constraints as well as the disjointed nature of construction task activities, and cost increases of multi-level subcontracting. This key capability also allows us to mobilize personnel and equipment as necessary from our other supporting regional offices, providing another significant benefit to our customer in the form of security of resources and expertise to accomplish all current and future goals of the project.

Design-Build Experience - Quality Enterprises USA, Inc. is fully experienced and qualified in design-build construction work. QE’s team is a thoroughly integrated design-build entity. As such, the design team is engaged in the project from initial concept design development and programming, through final acceptance by the client.

Environmental Awareness/Recycling Efforts - Quality Enterprises USA, Inc. is often able to provide our customers with an added environmental incentive through its progressive material recycling efforts. QE possesses the necessary equipment and experience to efficiently recycle asphalt, concrete, stone, and miscellaneous metal materials. The environmental savings are significant, including in part, the fuel consumption and pollution related to the importing of virgin materials to the project site, in addition to that of exporting the demolition debris, disposal costs and environmental impact related to land-filling of those materials. QE also has experienced environmental professionals on-staff, and is well accustomed to working in environmentally sensitive areas, including the assessment, remediation and restoration of impacted sites.

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